101 Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers Softback and Digital Version

The Grant Goddess

In 101 Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers, Veronica Robbins (known as “The Grant Goddess”) shares her very best grant writing tips with you! You’ll find these 101 grant tips useful whether you’re an experienced grant writer or a beginner.

"101 Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers" is the result of Veronica’s many years of successful experience writing grants and training other grant writers about the secrets of successful grant writing. The book includes 101 grant writing tips organized in 13 chapters (General Tips, Expressing Need, Goals and Objectives, Program Design, Management Plan, Personnel, Evaluation, Budget, Editing, Formatting, Assembly and Mailing, Ethics, and Finding Grants) that walk you through a full grant proposal. This book is designed to be used as a resource while working through the development of a real grant proposal. It is divided into the sections you will find in a typical Request for Applications (RFA). Convenient “notes“ sections on many pages are designed to encourage you to personalize this book by adding your own ideas, thoughts and experiences to the tips described. A quick-reference table of contents to all the tips will help you easily find the exact tip you are looking for without needing to search through the entire book.

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